Monday, April 13, 2009

MY younger sis need a jod?

my sis Lily need a job she is 14 years old and she wants to be a babysister or a mother%26#039;s helper... where can i look for a jpb at her age...any job.... if any one live in new york in westchester can you plaese e-mail me at

and can you put your name and what job your thinking for my sis...she can do anything..

MY younger sis need a jod?
Don%26#039;t do this, dear. You are going to get all kinds of weirdos, some of them downright dangerous, e-mailing you. Don%26#039;t follow up on any of the %26#039;jobs%26#039; offered to your sister. Go through trusted channels such as friends and relatives - it%26#039;s a creepy, dangerous world out there!
Reply:Look at job websites, or advertise in a local paper %26quot;Babysitter or mother%26#039;s help available, preferrably local but can travel, Westchester phone ---------%26quot;

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What is with all the celebrities getting pregnant?

okay first it was nicole richie then jessica alba, lily allen umm christina aguliera umm jenniffer lopez andrecently jammie lynn spears (wow spears gone wild this year) and probably more

why is it all happening now it is kinda weird

it is like the new women trend is a baby belly

What is with all the celebrities getting pregnant?
maybe because they are ready to have a baby except jaime lynn spears hers was by mistake kind of but not really
Reply:That%26#039;s what%26#039;s called GLUTTONY. They have EVERYTHING. Hollywood is the land of sin and narcissism.

It destroys them all. They can%26#039;t fart without it being on the evening news.

That girl has lost it all. One little act and poof...she%26#039;s branded for life.
Reply:wow your right!

i think britneys pregnant too but i dont know if thats true i only heard it like once
Reply:I don%26#039;t know ! It is so weird. Like 2008 will

be the year that celebrities baby will be

born. At least Christina Aguilera and Jennifer

lopez are married.
Reply:It%26#039;s nothing new. What%26#039;s new is the media%26#039;s fascination with celebrities.
Reply:We need rising celebrities to take common sense tests before they sign contracts for movie deals, doesn%26#039;t it look like that?
Reply:its like a freaking epidemic. its funny, because that happened when i was in high school. one teacher would get pregnant and a bunch would follow.
Reply:i know right
Reply:Because society is falling down the tubes.

Celebrities are getting dumber by the minute...
Reply:A lotta horny people, not a lotta sense or birth control.

Reply:that%26#039;s life
Reply:it seems kind of like the new trend right now, everyone wants to be pregnant.
Reply:its the hollywood baby trend :)
Reply:naughty celebs
Reply:most be the new trend in the celebrity world
Reply:I think it is the new trend
Reply:omg, its like such a fashion statement to get pregnant and fat now!

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What's your opinion on a name for a Duck Toller?

After asking a question about a month ago (with really great answers, thanks, guys) about whether or not I should get a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, I have decided that I should get one. I think I%26#039;m ready for a dog, and I love this breed! Now, the question is this: What should I name my new puppy? I wouldn%26#039;t get it for over a year, but I like to be prepared. So, for a girl, which of these do you like best - Brook, Delta, Roxy, Lily, Jasmine or Rosa? For a boy - Dexter, Rusty, Dusty, River, Takoda or Hunter? If you have any other ideas for names, feel free to share them. (By the way, if you don%26#039;t know what a Duck Toller looks like, it%26#039;s about the same colour as a fox, with or without white markings, and looks a bit like a smaller Golden Retriever) Any suggestions or opinions on names would be most welcome. Also, Merry Christmas to everyone and their four-legged friends!

What%26#039;s your opinion on a name for a Duck Toller?
I love duck tollers and am jelous of you.I cant decide between your lily or rosa.I like Abby or Grace. I do like River the best.Iv learned even when i pick a name ahead of time on any dog ive got it changes once you see the dog . The name you pick out just doesnt seem to fit the dog. I went to get a female that i was going to name gypsy and i ended up with grace.( Ohhh I like Gypsy too).Gypseyjust didnt fit her and grace popped in my head. For years my husband wanted Thor for any male we got but when he got the dog he named it Boomer, a name that had never been an option.**Don%26#039;t get too stuck on a name ahead of time, as much as the name seems perfect it may very well chanege***Good Luck
Reply:i like Brook for a girl seeing as how thats my middle name and Dusty for a neighbor once had a golden lab named Dusty
Reply:Scotia. Could be a boy or girl name. Hence in which from where they came........ :) Great Holidays to all and be safe!! Lisa
Reply:I%26#039;d name it Hunter if it was a male or female.
Reply:Lily %26amp; River
Reply:Ducky!! blog

Little One to old? Wish they had that when mine was tiny!!?


Another question....

Whats the item thats on the market now, that you wish you had for your baby under 1 year? Or your defo getting for your next baby!

I often check through mothercare cataloge and see things I would of loved to have when my daughter Lily was a newborn.

My thing is the glider fisher price have, looks so soft and comfy! And the new slings which can be used upto toddler age, in different positions! wow! my sling I had hurt my back like hell! Defo getting both for my next baby......

Get the idea?

Come on ladies!!

Little One to old? Wish they had that when mine was tiny!!?
I%26#039;ve found a lot of things that I would%26#039;ve rather had than what I bought for my daughter.

I have a regular Graco swing - next time I%26#039;ll definitely spend the money for a cradle swing that goes side-to-side. My daughter rarely uses her swing, and I think it%26#039;s just plain uncomfortable. The Baby Papasan swing looks so much nicer than what we have.

I%26#039;ll also go for a convertible carseat next time. I wasn%26#039;t expecting to have an almost 9 lb baby - she%26#039;ll be too big for the infant seat by 6 months! She%26#039;s too heavy, so I almost never use it as an infant carrier. What a waste of money - it wouldn%26#039;t been so much better to have the convertible and never buy a carseat again.

I%26#039;d also love to have one of those big, comfy upholstered gliders that look like a regular chair. I have a wooden one with padded seat, but I%26#039;d have loved to have gotten a big, $500 soft one! Just no room in the nursery for it though.

I%26#039;m also about to dump my Diaper Genie in favor of a diaper pail that uses regular garbage bags. What a racket they have going with those refills!
Reply:i had a kid 12 yrs ago %26amp; i so wish i bought her one of those life size barbies! Report It

Reply:well at toys rus they sell these playards with twin bassinets. i was looking around for one with every pregnancy ( two sets of twins) and now that i have bought 2 new ones for my babies i just see it now, i wish i would havw noticed the twin playard sooner.
Reply:Well Im telling my age here but disposable nappies, i mean when I had mine the hard work in washing and drying nappies, it was almost a full time job!
Reply:There are always new things, Ive noticed this with every pregnancy. This time round I notice how much more common cloth nappies are again as they just weren%26#039;t in the shops when I had my last one just 4 years ago, and how much they have changed from the ones 15 years ago!

I like the little bumbo seats and bebe pods, the tummy tubs and of course there is much more variety for twins and triplets nowadays as well and for people with children close together.

I love the new style fabric slings, there is so much more choice of them now than just the traditional ones.


Please help interpret my dream.?

in my dream i lived in this house and across this house was another house and inside that house were murderers that were trying to kill me and my family. They kept sneaking in with knives and axes and they tried to kill me.So then a year goes by ad i go into that creepy house with the murderers and i took an axe and killed everybody. Then 10 years later i go back and i live in my old house and i see people moving in the creepy house. Turns out new people live there and they are all like jacked up. Then it switches.I%26#039;m at an amusement park and I%26#039;m on a roller coaster but i fall off and land in Christian%26#039;s roller coaster car and he%26#039;s like hi lily and we start laughing and we got married and we live in that creepy house and the people i killed didn%26#039;t die and they come after was so realistic and i thought that i was gonna die and the blood was everywhere when i killed them.

Please help interpret my dream.?
You zee your fazzer az a threat ont vant to haz ze sex wiz your mazzer... zat iz quite comon..
Reply:I cannot interpret your dream. Neither can anyone else. ONLY YOU know what your dream means, and ONLY YOU can %26quot;interpret%26quot; your dream. No one else had it, and no one else lives your life or within the context of your life.

Dreams are your thoughts while you are sleeping. Thoughts and dreams are your mind%26#039;s way of doing what your mind does: solve your problems and make sense of your life.

So look at your dream, consider what problem it is trying to solve, and the rest will fall into place. That is, you will begin to understand FOR YOURSELF what your dream means in the context of your life.

Please don%26#039;t be distracted by the nonsense that has grown up around dreams: That they are message from your unconscious, that they are secret codes or symbols you have to get help to figure out, that books of dream interpretation can do anything other than cost you money, or that dreams are predicting the future. All of that is hogwash. -- Dr. Bob

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Hillary vs. Rudy on health care, is Hillary crazy?

Hillary vs. Rudy on health care, is Hillary crazy

Today’s health-care debate previews the fall 2008 election, if today’s presidential frontrunners win their respective party nominations. Senator Hillary Clinton (D., N.Y.) and former mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani (R., N.Y.) are promoting reforms that contrast like midnight and high noon.

As Clinton cheers, Congress moves to reauthorize the State Child Health Insurance Program. Launched modestly in 1997, SCHIP was targeted at kids whose families were too prosperous for Medicaid, but too poor for private coverage. Like nearly every federal scheme, SCHIP is metastasizing. Clinton, her Democratic comrades, and some weak-kneed Republican appeasers are widening SCHIP into a self-contradictory contraption, complete with a tax hike and a fiscal blunderbuss.

“It is one of our most important national priorities to cover all Americans, and that should start now with all of our children,” Clinton said July 16. Of course, it depends on what the meaning of the word “children” is. Washington already lets 14 states cover 670,000 “boys” and “girls,” up to age 25, some of whom have been drinking legally for four years and voting for seven. Ninety-two percent of Minnesota’s SCHIP budget insures adults.

Clinton’s proposal, like the House Democrats’ bill, would cover children in families up to 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL), double today’s target. Thus, a family of four making $82,600 could receive federal-government medicine. Meanwhile — the Heritage Foundation’s Rea Hederman estimates — 70,000 “American families are both poor and high-income — simultaneously.” They qualify for SCHIP and the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Madder still, 77 percent of children between double and triple FPL and 89 percent between 300 and 400 percent of FPL already have private health insurance, notes Cato Institute scholar Michael Cannon. Nonetheless, the Democratic House Wednesday night approved $47 billion for SCHIP through 2012, 88 percent above its current $25 billion, five-year budget.

Senate Democrats would fund this extravaganza via a 156 percent cigarette-tax hike — from 39 cents to $1 per pack. Heritage forecasts that 22 million new smokers would have to light up by 2017 to keep SCHIP afloat. So, SCHIP promises to improve children’s health while exploiting adult tobacco addiction. And if those smokers never materialize, future Congresses simply will invoice smoke-free taxpayers.

“The Left is pretty blatant about this being their vehicle to move to universal coverage,” one health-policy expert told me. “Make kids think you get health insurance from the government, and in less than a generation, you’re there.”

While Democrats and some lily-livered Republicans ceaselessly invoke “the children” to impose government medicine, Giuliani does the reverse. His just-unveiled health plan rejects public entitlements and tax hikes and embraces private property and tax incentives to extend health coverage overall — beyond just kids.

“America’s health-care system is being dragged down by decades of government-imposed mandates and wasteful, unaccountable bureaucracy,” Giuliani told New Hampshire voters Tuesday. “To reform, we must empower all Americans by increasing health-care choices and affordability, while bringing accountability to the system.”

Giuliani specifically would grant uninsured families $15,000 tax exemptions, and singles $7,500, to help them buy private coverage that they, not their bosses, would own, control, and transport throughout their careers — much like car, home, and life insurance. Funds remaining after insurance purchases could be deposited tax-free into Health Savings Accounts for routine medical expenses.

He also would let Americans acquire health plans across state lines, as they now do with non-medical insurance. For instance, unmarried New Yorkers, who now must buy such unneeded mandatory benefits as in-vitro fertilization, would be free to secure no-frills plans from insurers in, say, mandate-light Ohio.

Giuliani also would curb malpractice costs by capping lawsuit damages and requiring frivolous plaintiffs to cover victorious doctors’ legal bills.

“If a person gets injured, he should be compensated, but he shouldn’t get the brass ring or win the lottery,” Giuliani explained.

Unlike President Bush, whose happy talk fuels Leftist disdain, Giuliani describes Democrats’ ideas with bracing candor. He calls their health proposals “heavily influenced by Marxism.”

“We’ve got to solve our health-care problems with American principles, not the principles of socialism,” Giuliani says. “I know Democrats will say this is unfair, I know they’ll squeal…But I am a realist. I face reality, which is: If you take more people and have government cover them, it’s called socialized medicine.”

Hillary vs. Rudy on health care, is Hillary crazy?
Neither Hillary nor Rudy have offered anything that will help America with our flawed health care system. Until the profit incentive is removed from the care equation, Americans will continue to be uninsured, under-insured, denied care, suffer, and die needlessly.

Only by replacing the private health insurance industry with a single-payer national insurance will America demonstrate true compassion for its citizens.

Please join us at
Reply:Wow ! I hadn%26#039;t heard of this.

Of course, we all know from her past production on this matter, that hillary is good at throwing out ideas but, cannot formulate a plan. In fact, I have no trust of anything she says after her last %26#039;reform%26#039; ending up tripling my contribution for coverage.

Guiliani%26#039;s plan makes A LOT OF SENSE, however. In fact, I can embrace that proposal. It provides for a solution without taking away from personal freedom of choice. I don%26#039;t know why anyone would argue against his plan and agree that it is in line with traditional American principles and values.

I like it - very much.
Reply:The idea behind Unversal Health Care is that everybody is covered.

There are people from the right complaining that they don%26#039;t want their money going to pay for the health insurance of someone who doesn%26#039;t work.

In reality, that is exactly how health insurance works. They money you pay for premiums goes into a pool to cover everybody%26#039;s health care who also pays for the insurance. Those who are not covered, we end up paying for in the form of higher premiums.

The term of %26quot;socialized medicine%26quot; is a right wing term used to scare people into thinking that the Government is going to intrude in every facet of our lives.

Never mind the fact that a lot of them want the Government to legislate morality.

Guiliani%26#039;s plan is severely flawed because tax breaks won%26#039;t help the poor at all. How far would $7500 go in a tax free health account if you get very sick or get into a bad accident through no fault of your own?

I also don%26#039;t know if Hillary%26#039;s plan would work. Most %26quot;socialized medicine%26quot; plans require extensive taxtation. In other words, the money we put into premiums now would go to the government and with worse service, so nothing will actually change as far as those paying it and those who don%26#039;t except that everybody will have it and get worse service on top of it.

Health care should not be a profitable businesses, these are people%26#039;s lives here.
Reply:No, Hillary is not crazy, just misguided.

world history

Kyrie among nations!?

at this time of year, many people are celebrating the traditions of their cultures, i hope all of you have a very enlightening and powerfully spiritual experience.

lifting you on eagles wings,


ps...if any would like to share a tradition with me i would enjoy reading. in my family cooking the meal is a very important part of the season. i try very hard to remember that each of them is worth my time, even if i am mad. and when we set the table, we set out an empty plate to invite into our lives, the love and energy of those who have passed and our higher power. we come together and share not only nutrition but our love and support of each other as well

thank you for listening and have a great new year!

Kyrie among nations!?

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